asphalt products

FINOBETON S.A., facing the ever-increasing demands on projects in Crete, invested in a new asphalt products plant which began its operation in 2023 at the company’s facilities in Chordaki, Chania.
The new plant, constructed with Italian technology, is the best choice for managing the high production requirements of the market, while it ensures the excellent quality of the final product.
It is equipped with modern cold and hot recycling systems which make it efficient and sustainable in today’s era where recycling is a main priority.

The advantages of the new unit:

  • reduced air pollution emissions
  • electricity saving in the facilities
  • new technologies for higher filter performance
  • premium quality
  • maximum flexibility which immediately meets a number of different specifications
  • production capacity up to 160 tons/hr.

The following product categories are produced:

  • Asphalt mixtures types AS 12.5, AS 20, AS 31.5 and AS 40
  • Antiskid asphalt mixtures types I and II (produced only on special request).

The products bear CE marking, according to European standard ELOT EN 13108.01 and the Technical Specification ELOT TS 1501-05-03-11-04:2018.

The plant also produces the COLD•PATCH ready-to-use cold asphalt patch & pothole repair mixture, in accordance with the AASHTO & ASTM INTERNATIONAL standards, as well as the European standards EN 1426:99 and EN 1427:99.
Product certified by KEDE.
It is available packaged in 25kg bags and containers, as well as in bulk.